TATA AIG Domestic Travel Guard Insurance

A unique travel insurance product for travel anywhere within India
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Travelling to new locations is always exciting, whether its domestic or international. However, niggling concerns such as flight delays, baggage loss, ticket loss etc. eventually end up dampering the complete experience

  • Missed Departure: In the event of missing the departure of your booked journey, the cost of your actual ticket(air / rail) will be reimbursed subject to certification by the concerned authority.

  • Accommodation charges due to trip delay: In the event of the trip delay, the extra accommodation expenses incurred will be reimbursed.

  • Lost ticket reimbursement: In case of a ticket loss due to which one cannot continue the journey the actual cost of the ticket will be reimbursed.

  • Emergency medical evacuation: In the event of a medical emergency, the arrangements for the evacuuation and transportation of the insured for appropriate & quality medical care, shall be covered.

  • 24 x 7 Assistance: Our assistance team will be available round the clock for any assistance or referral services.

Core Benefits Per Unit
Amount in Rs. Deductible
Accidental Death and Dismemberment
(Common Carrier)
50,000 NA
Accident Medical Expernse Reinbursement 20,000 250
Assistance Services Included* NA
Emergency Medical Evacuation Benefit 10,000 NA
Repatriation of Remains Benefit 10,000 NA
Personnal Liability Benefit 1,00,000 200
Accident-In - Hospital Indemnity Benefit (max 7days) 500 1 day
Add On Benefits    
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit (24 Hrs) 50,000 NA
Accommodation charges due to Trip Delay Benefit- flight/ rail **upto (max 2 days) 1500 per day 5 hours
Loss of Ticket   - Rail/air ** upto 20,000 Rs 150 or 10% of actual ticket cost
Family Transportation upto 10,000 NA
Replacment of Staff ( Business Trip only) upto 10,000 NA
Missed Departure - Rail/Air upto 10,000 Rs 150 or 10% of actual ticket cost

**We will pay the excess of what will be re-inbursed / paid by any other agency / authority.
#Max units for Core benefits 5. The number of units for Add-on-benefits cannot exceed units for core benefits.