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Special features of tata aig student insurance

  • Full refund of premium if rejected by the university
  • Will help complete University Waiver form if required
  • Special approval possible for students already outside India
  • Offers coverage for Study Interruption, Sponsor protection, 2 way Compassionate visit
  • Premium paid in Indian rupees while coverage is in US dollars
Over 75,000+ happy customers who have purchased insurance with us.

Australia as the destination for higher education !

While overseas study for Indian students is expensive, Australia is one of the more affordable destinations. Australia offers a high standard quality education, excellent living conditions while hosting a tolerant multicultural society which includes a large Indian expatriate community.

Higher education in Australia provides value for money given that the courses are shorter and more intensive, they quickly incorporate latest innovations in science & technology, modern trends in marketing & management in their diploma/degree programs. All of this makes Australian education very current, practical and responsive to the needs of the working world.

Please read through TATA AIG student insurance brochure for the benefits covered by the plan and its policy wordings which explains the terms and conditions. You can also complete an online TATA AIG Travelguard proposal form. You can renew/extend the plan using TATA AIG student insurance extension on expiry. You can also get the complete quotes using the TATA AIG Student premium chart.

The need for student health Insurance while studying in Australia

The Australian government has made it mandatory for all international students and their families to pay for their own health insurance in Australia through the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) scheme. Indian students can buy OSHC through the University or they can arrange their own OSHC independently through an approved provider. If you want to arrange for your own OSHC, then you should visit the Department of Health and Aging website to get a list of approved providers.

TATA AIG Student insurance – Ideal for Australia

Over the past few years, many Indian students have been buying the TATA AIG Studentguard insurance to satisfy the Australian university requirement. What makes TATA AIG Student insurance attractive is that it is comparatively cheaper when compared to Australian insurance. The premium is paid in Indian Rupees, while the coverage options are in US Dollars. The TATA AIG Student insurance plan is excellent for Indian students in that in that it includes both travel insurance as well as health insurance for the duration of ones stay outside India. When compared to Australian insurance plan, it has additional coverage in that along with the regular student insurance it also has cover for Study Interruption, Sponsor Protection and Compassionate visit. All of these are designed specifically to the needs of Indian students outside India.

Insurance Coverage

  • StudentStudy Interruption
    • We'll reimburse tuition fee paid in advance for the current semester if your studies are interrupted due to medical or compassionate reasons.
  • ProtectionSponsor Protection
    • In the event of accidental death or permanent disablement of your sponsor, we'll reimburse the remaining school fees up to a specified maximum limit shown in the table of benefits.
  • clinicAccident and Sickness Medical Expenses
    • We will pay you Covered Medical Expenses incurred overseas by you, which are not due to a pre-existing condition up to the maximum stated in the Policy Schedule or the Schedule of Benefits.
  • GlobalCompassionate Visit (2-way)*
    • Visit by Family Member: - If you are hospitalized for more than seven (7) consecutive days, we will cover the cost of round-trip economy class air ticket and accommodation expenses for an immediate family member to be with you.
    • Visit by Student: In the event of death or hospitalization of parent(s)/spouse/child(ren) for more than seven (7) consecutive days, we will cover the cost of a round trip economy class air ticket.(* Subject to maximum coverage as provided in the Schedule of Benefits.)
  • AccidentPersonal Accident
    • Student Guard Plus provides worldwide coverage against Accidental death and permanent Disablement whilst you are abroad, upto maximum limit shown in the Schedule of Benefits.
  • DollarAssistance Services
    • Our assistance team will be available around the clock for any assistance or referral services.
  • BabyMaternity Benefits
    • Medical expenses related to termination of pregnancy are covered subject to maximum amount as provided in the Schedule of Benefits subject to a waiting period of 10 months from the effective date of policy.
  • BrainMental and Nervous disorder
    • Treatment for mental and nervous disorders on recommendation of a physician, including alcoholism and drug dependency are covered subject to maximum amount as provided in the schedule of benefits.
  • PatientCancer Screening and mammography
    • Medical expenses related to Cancer Screening and mammography examination on recommendation from a physician are covered subject to maximum amount as provided in the schedule of benefits.
  • AmbulanceRed 24 Services ( https://www.red24.com/ )
    • Red 24 is a unique global security services providing advice to help individuals avoid and manage personal risks for themselves and their families.
  • HospitalRelocation Services
    • The AIG International Services Student Support Membership provides solutions to the problems students face in the United States. Through our 24-hour multilingual services center, we offer access to a board range of benefits that are designed to make the transition easy and hassle free. In case you are opting for 1 year policy this program is already included in the plan.

What is not covered?

  1. Acts of war, terrorism, Participation in illegal acts, professional and/or competitive sports, pregnancy or childbirth except for termination of pregnancy, suicide or self inflicted injury, AIDS.
  2. Any Pre-existing conditions or complications arising there from.
  3. Any loss due to your engagement in any branch of armed forces or operating; acting as a crew member or an operator of any carrier; testing of any kind of conveyance; engagement in any kind of labor work; engagement in offshore or mining or aerial photography; handling explosives.
  4. Also you are not covered if any expenses incurred directly or indirectly in respect of: traveling against the advice of the physician; for obtaining treatment; pre-existing ailments & complications arising out of them; Suicide or attempted suicide; war; terrorism; illegal acts; dangerous sports etc.

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Thanks a million and thank you for the follow up call as well. I appreciate the quick service.
As I mentioned that I have used your services ever year now since 2007 and will continue to do so in future.

- Manisha Aarseth



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