TATA AIG MediPrime Insurance


  • Available for 18 years to 65 years of age
  • Cashless hospitalization
  • Buy policy for 2 years to get 5% discount
  • Lifelong renewal provided
1. Coverage type
2. Coverage amounts
3. Age of senior member of the family
  OR age   
Policy Duration
3. Start Date
4. End Date

  • Term
    • Option of choosing 1 year or 2 years
    • For a 2 year term option, 5% discount is applicable
    • Premium for 2 year policy is as per age slab applicable for each year.
    • Get a 10% discount on individual plan for a family if 3 or more family members are covered.

  • Eligibility Criteria
    • Individual & Family Floater
    • Entry age is 18 years to 65 years
    • It can insure yourself, your spouse, up to 3 dependent childern (aged between 91 days to 21 years) and your dependent parents
    • It covers maximum of 5 family members (up to a maximum of 2 adults and 3 childern under a single family floater) and 7 members individual policy

  • Mediprime Features
    • Comprehensive coverage for hospitalization and surgical treatments
    • Coverage for Inpatient Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha or Homeopathy treatment, inpatient hospitalization including room rent, ICU, nursing, medicines drugs covered without any sub-limits
    • Renewal benefits -Cumulative Bonus (Increase in Sum Insured) & Health Check up (every four claim free years)
    • No Co pay, No Sublimits, No loading on renewal premium in case of a claim
    • Renewal for life

  • Family Floater
    • With TATA AIG Mediprime family floater policy you can insure yourself, spouse, up to 3 dependent children and your dependent parents
    • Family floater options 1A + 1C, 1A + 2C, 1A + 3C, 2A + 1C, 2A + 2C & 2A + 3C Where A = Adult & C= Child

  • Sum Insured options
    • 2 lac, 3 lac, 4 lac, 5 lac, 7.5 lac &10 lac

  • Pre-policy check
    • Above 45 years of age & sum insured 5 lacs and more, it is required to submit the medical reports to buy the insurance

  • Renewal benefits
    • Cumulative Bonus – 10% increase in your annual Sum Insured for every claim free year, subject to a maximum of 50%. In case a claim is made during a policy year, the cumulative bonus would reduce by 20% in the following year
    • Health Checkup – 1% of the Sum Insured per policy subject to a maximum of Rs.5,000 per insured person only once at the end of four continuous claim free years during which you have been insured with us.
    • Sum Insured Enhancement – Sum insured can be enhanced at the time of renewal if no claim has been made. For 1 level increase in the Sum Insured there will no fresh medical tests. In case where the sum insured increase is more than 1 level, then fresh medical tests will be required. On acceptance of the increased sum insured, a fresh waiting period will be applicable only to the incremental sum insured.

  • Waiting period
    • 30 days from the 1st inception of the policy (except medical expenses due to accident)
    • 24 months for specific illness and treatments

  • Pre-existing condition
    • Coverage against pre-existing conditions post 4 years of continuous renewals with TATA AIG Mediprime.

  • Portability
    • Transfer the accrued benefits and provide due allowances for pre-existing conditions and time bound exclusions for your health insurance policy for the period enjoyed with any other health insurance plans provided there is a continuous cover without any interruption. You need to approach at least 45 days prior to your expiry date to avoid any break in coverage. Portability will be provided in accordance to IRDA guidelines issued from time to time..

Coverage without any sub-limits on health expenses

  • Room & ICU charges
  • Day Care Procedures – Medical expenses for 140 Day care procedures which do not require 24 hours hospitalization due to technological advancement
  • Domiciliary Treatment - Medical Expenses incurred by an Insured Person for availing medical treatment at his home which would otherwise have required hospitalization
  • Organ Donor - Medical Expenses on harvesting the organ from the donor for organ transplantation

  • In- patient hospitalization: Including room rent, ICU, nursing, medicines drugs & consumables covered without any sub-limits.

  • Pre and Post Hospitalization medical expenses: 30 days immediately before hospitalization and 60 days immediately after discharge.
    If we are provided with details at least 5 days before the hospitalization, then we will pay the Medical Expenses incurred within the 60 days prior to the hospitalization and 90 days immediately after discharge.

  • Day Care Procedures: The policy covers medical expenses for 140 different day care treatments which do not require 24 hours hospitalization.

  • Domiciliary Treatment: The policy covers for the medical expenses incurred for availing medical treatment at home which would otherwise have required Hospitalisation.

  • Organ Donor: The policy covers In-patient medical expenses incurred on the insured (i.e. recipient) and the organ donor for harvesting (i.e. surgery & storage of organ) and for organ transplantation.

  • Accidental Dental Treatment: The policy covers inpatient coverage upto 100% of Sum insured and outpatient treatment upto Rs 5,000 for sum insured between 2lacs to 4lacs and upto Rs. 7,500 for sum insured between 5lacs to 10lacs.

  • Ayush Benefit: The policy covers you for medical expenses incurred for In-patient treatment taken under Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha or Homeopathy, upto Rs. 20,000 for sum insured from 2lacs to 4lacs and upto Rs. 25,000 for sum insured from 5 lacs to 10 lacs per policy year.

  • Daily Cash for Accompanying an Insured Child: If the insured person hospitalized is a child aged 12 years or less, we will pay a daily cash of Rs. 300 per day & maximum upto Rs. 9,000 per hospitalization for sum insured from 2 lacs to 4 lacs & Rs. 500 per day & maximum upto Rs. 15,000 per hospitalization for sum insured from 5 lacs to 10 lacs.

  • Vaccination for Animal bite treatment: The policy covers Inpatient coverage upto 100% of sum insured and outpatient treatment upto Rs. 5,000 per policy year

  • Emergency Ambulance: The policy covers expenses incurred for utilizing ambulance service upto Rs. 2,500 per hospitalisation.

Any treatment which begins during waiting periods except
  • Accident related
  • War
  • Intentional self-inflicted injury or illness
  • Abuse of drugs and alcohol and nicotine addiction
  • Maternity and all related conditions
  • Congenital diseases
  • Conditions related to or arising out of HIV
  • AIDS etc

Note: Please refer to policy wordings for the list of exclusions.

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