Why Buy Indian Travel Insurance Online?

There are many advantages of buying insurance policy online. Some of the advantages are listed below:
  • NRIOL has been providing online insurance services since 2006.
  • NRIOL has 40,000+ satisfied online customers so far.
  • NRIOL insurance desk provides unique customer service facilities such as
    1. Explain clearly the coverage details of different insurance policies.
    2. Extend your insurance coverage if required by getting special approval (not guaranteed).
    3. Cancel a policy should you not travel. Please refer to cancellation procedures.
    4. Get customised insurance coverage letters as requested by certain consulates while issuing visas.
    5. Can get special approval to purchase policy if journey has already started (this is however not guaranteed).
    6. Get university waiver forms completed in the case of student travel insurance.
    7. Cancel student insurance if the University does not accept the student insurance purchased with us.
    8. Can provide assistance and interface with insurance company while filing for claims.
    These customer service facilities are not usually available If you buy the policy offline through a travel agent or an insurance agent, it will be very hard to contact them once your start your journey.
  • NRIOL offers several different payment options. The options available are:
    1. Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
    2. Cheque
    3. Direct funds transfer to our account
    4. Cash
  • The insurance can be purchased from anywhere in the globe as long as the traveler is still in India. A son or daughter sitting in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia or the UAE can purchase insurance for their parents who are traveling from India.
  • All the relevant details about the policy is available online, so you can make an informed decision while purchasing the plan, and not depend on the decision of your travel agent or insurance agent.
  • Buying business insurance online saves time as it is convenient and can be completed in a matter of minutes without any paperwork.
  • You can purchase the policy from the luxury of your home or office and do not have to commute to any office.
  • Purchasing online is environmentally friendly as there is no paperwork involved.

Why buy online?

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