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TATA AIG comprehensive visitor insurance plan without sub-limits

TATA AIG travel guard insurance plan now includes comprehensive coverage even for older travelers. Most Indian overseas mediclaim insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage (without sublimits) only up to a certain age. After this threshold age, most "travel insurance plans have sublimits", which means older travel insurance coverage is very limited.
TATA AIG has introduced the travel guard insurance plan without sublimits for senior citizens and is available up to the age of 99 years. This 'no sub-limit' plan is more expensive but offers comprehensive coverage which can make all the difference in case of a huge medical expense while outside India. The TATA AIG visitor insurance plan also provides coverage for Pre existing conditions in life threatening conditions up to USD 1,500.
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* Deductible - The minimum amount the insured has to bear before the insurance company pays you. Any claim amount higher than the deductible amount is payable as per agreed policy terms and conditions.
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Travelers with pre-existing conditions coverage can avail coverage for medical expenses under life threatening situations

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