TATA AIG Corporate Insurance - Accident and Health Insurance

Accidents are a fact of life.

As a corporate, your employees are your biggest asset and it helps when they know you will take care of them and their families should anything happen to them.

Tata AIG has a comprehensive range of well-researched products for your accident insurance needs. And one of these policies below is the cover you are looking for.

Group Personal Accident

Tata AIG Accident & Health Division provides tailor-made Group Personal Accident (GPA) Policy to suit the requirements of our esteemed customers. The hallmark here is that each of our GPA policies is unique to the client and his needs. Tata AIG tailors a customised GPA cover around your company's varying needs and limitations, depending on your choice of benefits in combination with the Accidental Death benefit.

A highly customisable product for large companies of more than 100 people


Special Benefits on GPA

Adding Value to your product

At Tata AIG, we see no reason why only traditional corporates and businesses should have access to a Personal Accident (PA) cover. Exploring new ways of thought, Tata AIG now offers GPA to both: Two examples of PA being offered to a non-traditional client:
  1. Offering a PA cover bundled with the client's product. Tata AIG, in partnership with a large tire manufacturing company, offers a Personal Accident cover of Rs.50,000 with every 2-wheeler tire sold.
  2. Offering a PA cover to educational institutions, where students are covered for accidents during the time they spend at the educational institute.


Across all our major products, the main exclusions to the policy include suicide, military service or operations, war, terrorism, illegal act, bacterial infections, disease, AIDS, dangerous sports etc.