Reside Blue Insurance

  • Best Suitable for: Professional mariners throughout the world
  • Eligibility:
    • Age between 14 days and 75 years
    • Employee abroad a sea-going vessel or if the applicant has considered a sea going vessel as his/her primary residence
  • Policy Period: 364 days
  • Reside blue worldwide offers pre-existing conditions coverage
  • Rating: A (excellent) by AM Best
    A+ (Strong) by Standard & Poor’s
  • Underwriter: Lloyds of London
  • Administrator: Seven Corners
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Plan Highlights

Plan Options
  • Policy Maximum
    • Plan offers $5,000,000 per insured person
      per policy period
  • Deductible
    • $250; $500; $1,000; $2,500; $5,000
    • After the deductible, we pay 80% of the next $5,000 of eligible expenses, then 100% to the policy maximum
  • Inside the United States
    • If treatment is received from an approved Provider network(Doctor/Hospital) while you are in the U.S., we will reduce the applicable deductible by 50% & waive coinsurance
  • Outside the United States
    • After the deductible, we pay 100% of eligible expenses to the policy maximum

Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage

  • If an existing medical condition is fully and accurately disclosed on the application, and the condition is not excluded or restricted by an exclusionary rider, your pre-existing condition will be covered up to a lifetime maximum of $50,000 ($5,000 limit per year) after you have been continuously insured for two (2) consecutive and continuous Policy Periods


Emergency Medical Evacuation

$250,000 limit per person per policy period

Repatriation Of Remains

$25,000 limit per person

Dental Rider

$500 per policy period

Emergency Medical Reunion

$10,000 limit per person per policy period

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Reside Blue Worldwide Insurance

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