Visitors medical insurance for parents visiting USA

NRIOL works with New Jersey, USA, based CrossBorder Services LLC for providing insurance services for visitors to the US. CrossBorder works with well known American and International insurers to provide customers a range of cheap, affordable plans that are best for visitors health insurance. This overseas travel medical insurance is ideal for parents visiting the USA or Canada.

It is very popular Indians as well as other immigrant communities like the Chinese and Russian communities in the USA.

Our plans also include health insurance for aged parents with pre-existing ailments as well as those with green cards in our immigrant insurance section.

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Why buy visitor health insurance for parents ?

Parent while traveling overseas are vulnerable to falling ill and needing medical care. International travel to countries like America (USA), Canada, United Kingdom (UK) etc require Visitor Medical Health Insurance cover as health care is very expensive in these nations. In some cases, a tourist visa is not issued without proper travel health insurance. Even minor ailments can be expensive, with serious ailments can be financially catastrophic. In this context purchase visitor medical insurance for parents is prudent.

Some features of our visitor medical insurance for parents plans

  • •  Largest choice of visitor medical insurance plans, worldwide coverage.
  • •   Professional support by licensed insurance agents seven days a week, United States toll free number.
  • •  Cheap and best plans for aged parents (70+, 80+ ) and visitors visiting the US.
  • •  Complete the form and can compare travel medical insurance plan quotes and coverage details offered by different providers and then purchase the plan with secure transaction and get guaranteed coverage.
  • •  Insurance for visiting parents along with immigrants (H1B , H4 visa), J1 / J2 scholars, students (F1 visa), nanny, expatriates.
  • •   Complete privacy of insurance subscriber information.
  • •   Ability to download and review insurance policy brochure before purchasing.
  • •   No medical exam or other paperwork required to purchase these plans.
  • •   Plans are underwritten by top US and International insurance companies (Lloyds, Chartis, AIG ...).