NRIs: What it means to be a NRI

September, 2005

From : T.V.Padmanabhan

NRI's today are what they are due to
1. Initiative
2. Parents / Guardians, friends and Guidance
3. Infrastructure and Social support

First lets describe NRI

The Term NRI needs to be described and qualified from a different perspective and with suffixes as below. and not merely in terms of calendar days, months or years.

The Categories of NRI's will then be NRI, NRI Plus, NRI Double Plus, NRI Triple Plus,NRI
1) Works harder, smarter and transfers his knowledge to the local work force and is considered and is a true organization asset. AND
2) Helps socio-economic development of the country of his residence and of India in every possible way (eg. promoting tourism of his country of residence and India, volunteering to support social causes etc.,)

NRI Plus

NRI Plus who has the above NRI Qualities Plus
1. Explores every opportunity to provide an employment to a deserving Indian Citizen.

NRI Double Plus
1. NRI who is a NRI Plus and who sets up an establishment or a business abroad and provides work opportunities to local country personnel.

NRI Triple Plus

NRI who is a NRI Double Plus
1. Employs Indians as expatriates and improves the life standards of them and their families

NRI - (NRI Minus)
1. NRI Minus can be defined as an individual who does not fulfill both of the essential basic NRI qualities described above.

What is initiative?
NRI's take the initiative to live and work in a foreign land. They consciously turn off their socio-cultural life and freedom of speech instincts under the banner of sacrifice or compromise for the extra cash and in some genuine cases for the increased level of professional knowledge and an opportunity to further demonstrate their capabilities.

Parents Guardians, Friends Support

Parents, Guardians and Friends support in the initiative of the desirous NRI by providing them tangible and intangible support. They step in the role of counselors, advisors and well wishers.

Infrastructure, Government and Social Support

Indian degrees and skills are recognized world wide and it is not a one-off recognition. The Indians going abroad for study and/ or work is growing. They go to all parts of the world.

Therefore though there may be areas of infrastructure improvement required, it is to be acknowledged that Indian system of education and experience gained is of internationally accepted standards.

Now comes the role what an NRI has to do?

Show Gratitude. How much?

First, to ensure that parents, guardians, friends who have supported him or her in fulfilling his initiative are benefited in real terms that the NRI becomes their social security system till he is an NRI.

Next, the Government of India has to be thanked immensely for subsidizing his education and cost of medical care till he or she made the first overseas trip.

How much?

Indian degrees can be equated with most of the Prestigious International Degrees.

The difference between the fees paid to acquire the Indian degree from school and the fees payable to acquire the International degree from school days and dividing the difference by two would be the sum payable to Indian educational institutions through voluntary organizations by NRI. The division by two is to factor in the extra initiative of the individual due to infrastructure and other difficulties put up.

Thus to become an IIT engineer, if in India it cost him say Rupees Two lakhs and by international standards it will cost him say forty thousand US Dollars. The difference would be Eighteen lacs rupees (at Rs. 45 to a US) less 2 lacs paid which will be Rupees sixteen lacs. Half the difference would be Rs.8 lacs. Thus 8 lacs can be considered to be his contribution in his lifetime to support education

How to give?

Please give to your local area school, college, university, hospital which is run by Government.

Similarly for the health care benefits that he or she has received.

Similarly for Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers, MBA'S, Scientists, teachers, Indian diplomats working abroad etc.

It will be reasonable to give a one year moratorium to start contributions. But an NRI should make it a point that the contribution to education to be at-least 5% of his monthly savings thereafter and ensure minimum contribution of the amount for these areas.

If every NRI can think on these lines and contribute to a fund the future of India, we can keep our head high and truly express our thanks for the Gratitude shown by our parents, guardians, friends, relatives and the infrastructural support provided by Government of India and NRI should be the abbreviation of resources for NOURISHING RURAL INDIA. India lives in her villages.


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