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From : Selva Pandian

March 24, 2000


I just want to share my views regarding Indian airports and aircrafts. I was travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Chennai. I clearly found out that the air hostess are not treating the Indian as equal to white guys or some other races. They just don't like serving to the old people (Indians) travelling in that flight. The people also were making some troubles like standing and going to places and speaking with their friends.

And when Chennai came all stood up something like in a bus and went near to the gate. Air hostess while showing the safety measures, they didn't show properly (without any commitment). So I think the Indian airways authority should put strict measures and ask the poeple to follow the rules. And also change all the air hostess when they are too old and put new faces so that they can give good services. If we are following good method why can't we compete with Emirates or SIA?

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