Reg Health care in US

From : Dr. P. Suresh



I couldn't agree more on what Mrs. Chandy has observed reg the US health care.

Yes it has gone to the dogs and it will get worse. I've been in practice as a Cardiologist for 11 yrs and have seen the system slowly disintegrating into chaos all this done in the name of cost saving. Yes the insurance company are the one to benefit especially the CEO of insurance companies. The physicians have lost the decision making of medical care but have increased liability , the patients are confused and deceived by the gimmick adds of the insurance companies.

The system will change only if the Insurance companies are accountable of their actions.

In closing I would like to state US still has the best care . Patients still receive the best care in the world. In India for majority of the population the care is very substandard and as such there is no comparison with the US health care.


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