Money transfer to India

There are many reasons why you would like to send some money back home. You would like to help your family members or send them gifts. What the different options related to money transfer? This is quite confusing to understand as the exchanging rates keep changing along with the electronic options. Following are some of the basics.

Personal Checks

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Cashier's Checks

You can use cashier's check as it is safer compared to personal check. Cashier's check ensures that the account holds sufficient funds to pay that check. This check is a safe check and if you want to get this check all you need to do is go to the bank directly and give them the amount of cash for which you want the check. You can send a cashier's check overseas through Federal Express or any other mail system which will help you to trace if your check is lost.

Foreign Currency Bank Drafts

A foreign currency bank draft is a cashier's check in a foreign currency. You have to send a draft by requesting to do so at any branch. You can pay the money like the cashier's check or the amount can be drafted out of your account. You need to specify the receiver's name and address. The time taken by the package to reach the destination depends on the mail system and the destination. It may take few weeks for the check to reach India while for European countries the check may reach earlier.
At the receiving end the person can deposit the check into his account. If the receiver has an appropriate identification he can cash the draft at any bank. This does not require a receiver to have a bank account. A proper identification is very necessary to cash the check.
If time is not an issue, a foreign currency draft is easy, cheap and a safe mode to send money anywhere in the world.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfer is the most secured and fastest way to send money overseas. This can be done at any branch by paying cash up front or by drafting your account. The receiver has to have an account in the foreign country. The person's name, account number, bank name and the location of the bank should be known.
If a person does not have a bank account, mail a draft directly or consider using Western Union or MoneyGram. Wire transfers are fast and depending on the destination country it may take an average of two to three days.

Western Union and MoneyGram

The two popular companies who send international money transfers are Western Union and MoneyGram. Western Union serves 170 countries while MoneyGram services across 120 countries. You may pay up front by cash or credit card. The transfer is sent in the local foreign currency.
Transfers will take just a few days, but may depend on the destination country. The price can also vary depending on location, but it's usually approximately $15 for the first $100, and $7 per additional $100. Each company offers additional services - some at a cost, and some free of charge - like direct delivery or a phone call to tell the receiver that the transfer has come through. Check their Web sites for further details.
These companies are convenient because neither you nor the receiver needs to have a bank account, and Western Union's online service is easy to use. This route can, however, be more expensive than using a bank.

ICICI Money2India

The time of remittance is within 3-5 days in most cases with a decent exchange rate. If you are eligible for Express Transfers, you can expect the transfers to take less than a day. They have improved their customer care support recently and proactively check with customers regarding their experience.


Xoom is a paypal money transfer service. Transferring money online can be done safely and easily with xoom. Xoom charges no transfer fees for remittances above $1000 and have guaranteed exchange rates. Instant transfer of money is done for ICICI, HDFC and PNB, they also offer instant transfers.


Here the exchange rates are most favourable when compared to the competition, but they do charge a transfer fee for each transaction and it takes up to 3-5 business days.They too have apps available on iOS and Andriod.


Tied up with Axis Bank. They offer the good exchange rates and usually takes 2-3 business days.

Indus Fast Remit

Tied up with Indus Bank. Offers locked in rates, but the delivery time is 3-5 days.
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