Parents visiting USA

Some residents living in the United States would want to bring their parents to live permanently with them in the United States. They can sponsor their parents to visit them in the U.S. Following are the resources related to immigration of parents

Overview of immigration process

An immigrant is a foreign national who is permitted to live and work permanently in the U.S. For your parent to become a legal immigrant there is a two step procedure.
  • The USCIS has to approve an immigrant visa petition that is filed for your parent.
  • If your parent is living outside the U.S., your parent has to visit the U.S. consulate to complete the processing for an immigrant visa and if your parent is living in the U.S. then he/she have to apply for adjusting his/her status to permanent resident using Form I-485.

What does the Immigration and Nationality Law Say?

This law governs the admissions of the immigrants to the U.S. For the section of the law related to immigrant visas for parents, you can take a look at INA § 201 and INA § 204. The specific eligibility requirements and procedures for applying for immigrant visas and permanent residence are included in the Code of Federal Regulations [CFR] at 8 CFR § 204.1, 8 CFR § 204.2 and 8 CFR § 245.

Am I eligible to Sponsor my Parents?

If a person is a citizen of the United States and is at least 21 years old, he/she can file a petition to bring his/her parents to stay in the U.S.

How can I file the Petition?

You will have to refer the Petition Process to understand the different steps to be taken while filing a petition for your parents to come and stay with you in the United States.

How to check the status of my visa petition?

You need to contact the USCIS office that receives your visa petition.

Can anyone Guide me?

If assistance is required, you can contact the USCIS District Office located close to your house for a list of community-based, non-profit organizations which might assists you in applying for an immigration benefit.

Why Visitors Insurance?

Once the traveler leaves his/her home country and lands in the USA he/she will be considered as a visitor. Visitors staying in the USA cannot afford to stay uninsured since the health care system is very expensive. Private insurance providers have designed visitors medical insurance to suit the health insurance requirements of the visitors or new immigrants. Visitors can purchasevisitors medical insuranceonline even after reaching America.

What is US immigrant insurance?

New immigrants in the USA with potential immigrant visas like H4 and F2 can purchaseUS immigrant insurance.Immigrants can get medical coverage in the USA by purchasing immigrant medical insurance plans. Immigrant insurance plans cover the insured for medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains. Insurance customers can purchase US immigrant insurance online and stay secure from financial crisis.

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