USA visa insurance requirements

A citizen of a foreign country who wishes to visit United States must obtain a visa, either as a non-immigrant visa for temporary stay or as an immigrant visa for permanent stay.
Only those who are not in the US Visa Waiver Program need to apply for a visa to USA.
Each entry to the United States has a specific type of visa applicable.


Visitor Visa

  • B1 Visa-Business Visa for business purpose only
  • B2 Visa-Tourist Visa for pleasure, visiting family, medical treatments etc..

Student Visa

  • F1 Visa is for students who want to study in the united states
  • F2 visa is for dependents of F1visa holders
  • M1 visa is for vocational purpose like cosmetology, technical course, and mechanical course etc..

Fiancé and Spouse Visas

  • K3 visa is for spouse of US citizens who are yet to become permanent citizens of USA
  • K4 visa-visa for children of K3 applicants
  • IR1 and CR1 are for spouses who are the citizens of USA.

Employer-Sponsored Visas

  • EB-1 visa is given for priority workers visa. Which is also known as Employment First Preference
  • Employment Second Preference Professionals Holding advanced Degrees and Persons of Exceptional Ability visas are for those who have labor certification and a job offer in the US
  • The Employment Third Preference Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Unskilled Workers visa are for those who have an approved Petition for Alien Worker filed by their employers.
  • Eb-5 visa for immigrant investors.
  • The SI visa is for Iraqi and Afghan Translators or Interpreters working with the US military and who meet certain requirements.

Immediate Relative & Family Sponsored Visa

There are many visas for immediate relative and family within the family preference visas.
  • F-2A and F-2B visa is given to spouses, minor children, or unmarried sons and daughters aged 21 and above of all Permanent Residents of USA.
The Second Preference Family visa has two categories:
  • F-2A and F-2B visa is given to spouses, minor children, or unmarried sons and daughters aged 21 and above of all Permanent Residents of USA.
  • F-2A visa is a Second Preference Family Visa for the spouse and minor children of permanent residents of US.
  • F-2B visa is a Second Preference Family Visa for unmarried adult children over 21 years old of permanent residents of US.
  • F-3 visa is for all married sons and daughters and their minor children of US citizen
  • F-4 visa is for brothers and sisters of US Citizens, and their spouses and minor children
  • IR-2 visa is given to US immediate relative for unmarried children under 21
  • IR-5 visa for all parents of US Citizens who are at least 21 years older
  • IR3 Visa, IH3 visa, IR4 visa, IH4 visa is for all foreign adopted children who are adopted by US citizen parent(s)

Exchange Visitor visa

Exchange Visitor visa is for all foreign national those who contribute in exchange programs and practical training and employment within the United States. They receive J1 visa or Q Visa
  • J1- visa is giving to all visiting to the United States to participate in study and work based exchange visitor programs. Without a program sponsor an applicant cannot apply for a J1 exchange visitor visa.
  • Q-visa is for all applicants in an international cultural exchange program. This visa gives the applicants an opportunity to share their culture and traditions with people in the U.S.

Temporary work visa

Temporary work visa is a visa for all temporary workers to the United States.
  • H1B1 visa is for nationals of Chile and Singapore.
  • H1B visa for highly specialized employees.
  • H-2B visa is for seasonal temporary workers who do non-agricultural work.
  • H-2A visa is for all temporary agricultural workers who visit USA.
  • H-3 visa is given to all who want to attend training
  • L-1 visa if given for all intra company executives and managers
  • O-1 visa is for persons with extraordinary abilities in athletics, science, business and arts
  • O3 visa is given for dependents of O1 visa holders.
  • O-2 visa is given for assistants of O1 visa holders.
  • P- visa is given to who are sportspersons and their coaching team members.
  • R-1 visa All religious practicing workers who want to practice in US is religious capacities.
  • E-3 visas is given for workers in specialty occupations from Australia
  • I visa is given for all foreign media representatives and journalists from press, film, radio who are visiting the US to participate in educational media activities
  • TN/TD visas is given for citizens of Canada or Mexico who will be working in the NAFTA organization

Treaty trader and investor visa

Treaty trader and investor visa is a visa for those who have treaties of commerce and navigation in the US. They are
  • E1 visa is a US non-immigrant visa for all those who trade with the US. Where US has a trade treaty with the E1 visa country.
  • E2 visa is for individual investors or companies from countries which have a treaty with the US to invest in US economy.

Diplomatic and official visa

  • A1 visa is for diplomats or government officials of foreign countries travelling to US on official duties.
  • A2 NATO1-6 visa is for all military personnel from a foreign country who are about to serve within the United States.

Visas for Victims of Crime and Human Trafficking

  • T visas are for victims of human trafficking who can assist in investigating crimes related to human trafficking.
  • U visa is for all victims who have been victim criminal activities and that can support in prosecution of those criminals.

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