Indian Girl Baby Names Starting with 'L'

The following table has a comprehensive list of Indian Baby names starting with the letter ā€˜Lā€™. Alongside the name is the English translation.
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Indian Hindu names with meanings

Laabha Profit
Laalamani Ruby
Laasya Dance performed by goddess parvathi
Labangalata A flowering creeper
Laboni Grace
Labuki Musical instrument
Ladhi Sangeet
Ladli Loved one
Laghima Goddess parvathi
Laghupuspa Delicate flower
Laghuvi Delicate
Lahari Wave
Lajita Modest
Lajja Modesty
Lajjaka Modest
Lajjasila Of Modest character
Lajjavanti Shy
Lajjawati A sensitive plant; modest woman
Lajjita Modest
Lajwanti A sensitive plant
Lajwati Modest
Lakhi Goddess lakshmi
Lakini One who takes and gives
Laksaki Another name of sita
Lakshana One with auspicious signs on her
Laksha White rose
Lakshaki Goddess sita
Lakshana One with auspicious signs on her
Lakshita Distinguished
Lakshmi Goddess of wealth
Lakshmigrha The home of Lakshmi
Lakshmishree Fortunate
Lalan Nurturing
Lalantika A long necklace
Lalana A beautiful woman
Lalasa Love
Lalati Forehead
Lalatika an ornament of the forehead
Lalima Redness
Lalita Beautiful
Lalitaka Favourite daughter
Lalitangi With a beautiful body
Lalitalocana Beautiful eyes
Lalitangi With a beautiful body
Lamba Great
Lambakesaka Long haired
Lambodari Consort of Lambodara
Langali The plough carrier
Langhati Flowing with speed
Langapriya Adorable
Lapita Spoken
Laranya Graceful
Lata A creeper
Latabha Beautiful
Latamani Cora
Latangi A creeper
Latika A small creeper
Latikara Mass of creepers
Lavali Love
Lavalika A tiny vine
Lavalina Engrossed
Lavangi Apsara, Of the clove plant
Lavanya Beauty, Lust
Lavani Grace
Leela Divine play
Leelamayee Playful
Leelavati Playful; Goddess Durga
Leena Devoted
Lekha Writing
Likhitha Studious
Lily A flower
Lingammal Goddess Parvati
Lipi Script
Lipika A short letter
Locana Eye
Logambal Goddess Parvati
Loganayaki Goddess Parvati
Lohita Ruby
Lohitaksi Red eyed
Lohitarani Red crossing
Lohitayani Red
Lohitya Rice
Lochan The eye
Lohita Red, Ruby
Lola Goddess Lakshmi
Lolasrita Who gives shelter to Sun(Indra)
Lona Pretty
Lopa Wife of sage
Lopamudra Wife of sage Agastya
Lorena Crowned with laurels
Loukya Worldly Wise
Lucia The light of india
Lumbika A musical instrument
Lydia Happiness