Housing in the QATAR

Moving to a new place can be challenging but with proper planning then it can be tackled with ease. The first and most important matter to consider before moving is the choice of your accommodation. You should have a clear idea about what type of residential buildings are available in the place you are moving to. Here we are providing you with the info on the type of accommodation which are available in Qatar.

Types of houses in QATAR

  • Apartments
  • Standing villas
  • Town houses (duplex , triplex)

How to look for a house in QATAR?

Before seeking an accommodation you should decide on where to buy the house, the price you can afford and the capaciousness of the house.There are quite a few methods to look for an accommodation in QATAR
  • Hire a real estate agent ( make sure they are registered in Real Estate Regulatory Agency[RERA])
  • Drive around looking for to-let signs
  • Use your contacts like friends , relatives and other expats to search for an accommodation
  • Search online
  • Look through housing classifieds
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Different Types of House and Tips to buy house in QATAR

It is best to sort out your priorities before buying or renting a property in QATAR. This helps you in selecting a house in an efficient way.


When it comes to accommodation in Qatar, apartments are the most common and popular type of household that you can come across. They are available in various shapes, sizes and of course prices. The apartments available ranges from the luxurious to budget friendly. Luscious and luxurious apartments are commonly found in the expensive areas like The West Bay and The Pearl. If you are looking for something more budget friendly then places like Al Sadd and Al Nasr offers you good apartments for reasonable prices.


If you are looking for a spacious building for you and your family to live in, then villas are the type of building that you should go for. It’s more costly than apartments and the villas in Qatar are often within a closed compounds which comes with added gratuities such as swimming pools and play grounds for the children. It is similar to living in a gated community so they are best suited for people with family. Although they sounds good they are not that easy to find as they are quite big in demand.

Serviced apartments

Most of the expats find serviced apartments quite desirable, even though they cost more than the regular apartments they come with added benefits. It’s similar to living in a hotel, the apartment would be fully furnished with essential equipment for the basic needs, there would be someone to clean your apartments daily, they also come with a swimming pool, a gym to work out, laundry services and in some cases an onsite restaurants too.

Stand Alone villas

These villas are quite expensive are mostly afforded by affluent people. Unlike the normal villas they are secluded and independent. Stand Alone villas are more spacious than the normal villas. They also come with beautiful garden and swimming pool.


  1. For Starting the search, you can either seek the help of the company you are working for, rent it privately, search online or use the help of a real estate agent.
  2. You have to know the types of accommodation that are available in Qatar. There are mainly villas, apartments, standing villas and service apartments.
  3. You have to find an ideal location which is closer to your workplace, grocery stores and education center of your kids.
  4. Decide whether you are here for the long haul or short term living, this saves you the money spent on furniture and other equipment.
  5. Check with the landlord to see whether the rental agreement include maintenance cost.
  6. After deciding on a property make sure that the documents are in order, they include resident permit copies and cheques for the rent.

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