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US visitor visa extension for senior citizens while in the United States

Senior citizens in the United States might want to extend or renew their stay for several reasons. The coronavirus has stranded many senior citizens in the US. International travel restrictions has forced many senior citizens to cancel their return journey who are on temporary or short term US visas. They will now have to extend or renew their visa status in order to stay longer in the US.

Visitors medical insurance for senior citizens in USA

Senior citizens in the U.S.A are stranded in the US going against their original travel plans. This is just one reason why having good travel health insurance for senior citizens is very important outside the home country. Staying in America as an uninsured senior citizen is highly risky. Our insurance covers act as boon in an event of sudden sickness due to COVID-19 or accidental injuries and require a hospitalization which can leave you with huge medical bills having an impact on your financial situation. Senior citizen can compare travel health insurance plans for Coronavirus to avoid all such disastrous situations.

Extend/renew US visa for senior citizens

Steps and procedure to extend US visa for further stay in USA.
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Travel health insurance for senior citizens

The 3 million strong Indian American community in the United States often has parents and other family members visiting them from India. Understandably these visiting family members are quite elderly. These senior citizen family members visit the US for periods ranging from a few weeks to a few months. Given that they are visiting the US where the weather, food and water are all quite different from India, these senior citizen travellers are vulnerable to falling sick. While visiting family in the United States is exciting, being forced to visit an US hospital especially without any health insurance can be catastrophic. Anyone living in the US knows how expensive healthcare is, where even a visit to a doctor can be expensive let alone a longer stay in the hospital.

In this context, it is very important to buy proper Senior citizens visitor medical insurance for the US.
Here, we help older travelers and parents understand the nuances of the different senior citizen health insurance available so that they can make an informed choice while buying the older traveler health insurance for USA and buy the most cost effective and appropriate visitor travel insurance for their needs.

senior citizen travel insurance
There are different factors for visitors insurance that senior travellers should be aware of. Indian travelers in the US should be aware of the difference between fixed benefits visitor insurance and comprehensive visitor insurance plans. They should also understand the concept of deductibles and co-insurance. Very important given the senior citizen profile of Indian travelers is the visitor insurance coverage for Pre-existing conditions.

Travel tips for senior travelers visiting the US

Best International travel tips for senior travelers – Safety, Comfort and Wellness.

Visitor insurance for parents visiting USA from India

Travel health insurance for parents visiting USA

Travel insurance for older travelers, Visitor insurance for Senior citizens

Living in the US is a highly desired aim for many new US immigrants and while you are staying in the US, expecting your parents and relatives to visit you in the US is overwhelming. When your visiting family member is an elderly person, it becomes even more important and a huge responsibility of their safety and health while they are visiting you in the US.

Even with good health conditions some senior travelers will not be able to handle the travel stress, change in environmental conditions, change in the food and cultural differences. All these changes might affect their welfare.
Age being one of the most important factors that has to be considered while travelling, one has to be prepared for all unexpected events during the travel. Senior travelers are always exposed to getting affected by health conditions while travelling outside their home country. It’s recommended that for all international visitors who are aged above 70years should purchase the best international travel insurance plan to cover oneself for all unforeseen medical and travels emergencies. Medical treatments in the US is very expensive and even a minor medical treatment may cost a huge bill. To cover all such risks, you can purchase international visitor’s insurance. Because of the age some Indian insurance companies are reluctant to offer medical coverage without a medical examination, however many US insurance companies do offer protection to older visitors. America Visitor Insurance is one such platform where you can find very competitive senior international travel insurance coverage offered by reliable US insurance companies. Here you can compare different visitors insurance options and buy the plan that is most appropriate to your specific needs. You can buy online by completing the application and you can get an instant visitors insurance cover for senior visitors.

Guidelines -international visitor insurance for senior travelers aged above 70 years
When you are buying an international visitors travel insurance for senior travelers, one needs to think of all the factors affecting the travel and risks involved while traveling outside the home country
Duration of the stay of the senior traveler
If the senior traveler is staying in the US for a longer duration, you should choose a higher risk covered insurance plans as the more number days of stay in US the chances of the person getting involved is an injury or sickness is more.
Health conditions of the senior traveler
While you are purchasing an international visitor insurance coverage for a senior traveler, you should keep in mind all the prevailing general health conditions of the person travelling. If the person is more vulnerable towards sickness or injury you should purchase an insurance cover which provides sufficient coverage for seniors, they might be expensive but it’s worth the risk covered. If the traveler’s health is in good condition and stable, then you can choose a basic visitors insurance coverage.
Special events during the travel
Considering recent events in the US, adequate travel health insurance is essential. If there are many activities planned, then its best to purchase a comprehensive visitors insurance cover. or some senior travelers even a short distance of travel can be strenuous and may lead to sickness, all of this has to be considered while planning the itinerary.

Senior Citizens US Travel Insurance, Visitor insurance for Senior citizens to US - FAQs

Yes, older travelers over 80 years can get travel insurance, however the maximum coverage available is inversely proportional to the age of the traveler. The maximum coverage therefore decreases for older travelers.

A traveler up to the age of 99 years can buy travelers insurance policy. The issue however will be on the insurance coverage that will you be able to purchase. We offer several insurance policies that offer $50,000 coverage for persons between 70 and 89 years of age.

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