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It is common nowadays that many Indian students plan to continue their higher studies overseas. Students plan their journey many months prior to the departure date. The differences encountered by Indian Students after landing in the US or other foreign countries are the new lifestyle, food habits, educational system, weather and food. The food in particular as the cuisines are different compared to the spicy food we prepare back home.

It is advisable that students going from India to the USA should do some home work before leaving the country. Learn some cooking to prepare Indian food at home while in the US since students may find it difficult to quickly adapt to the new food habits.
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A good student insurance plan is another important requirement for Indian students while outside India. Most Universities in America, UK, Australia and other popular study destinations have mandated health insurance for international students considering the expensive health care. Students may have to pay heavily if they fall ill or meet with an accident and are not covered with an insurance policy while overseas. Indian students should purchase a proper student medical insurance before leaving India. Most Indian students purchase student medical insurance policy offered by Indian insurers to avail special benefits like sponsor protection and compassionate visit that are not covered by international insurers. Also Indian student insurance policies are more cheaper than the international plans. Why do most Indian students choose internet to purchase their medical insurance policy? Here are some of the reasons why students prefer to purchase health insurance policy online.

The first and foremost reason is the convenience of accessibility to free quotes at any time they like. Since there are numerous insurance companies in the market choosing the right policy that suits one's requirements is a great challenge. Indian students evaluate various student insurance plans online before buying. For example in a website like Eindiainsurance various student medical insurance products by prominent insurance companies can be compared using student medical insurance compare tool. Students not only find medical insurance on the internet quick and convenient but also money saving.

At E India Insurance students can easily purchase Indian student medical insurance using a credit card, a debit card or a cheque. Follow the instructions displayed on the website and complete the transaction. After the completion of online transaction the customer will receive soft copy of the policy document in their email account at the earliest. Take a print of the same and use it as a legal valid document. Another very significant advantage of buying student medical insurance online is that the student can conveniently renew the policy online. This is difficult to do if purchased from an offline insurance agent. All you have to do is to fill an online student insurance renewal application to request for the renewal approval from the underwriting team. Once approval is granted, you can renew your existing student insurance policy.

Note: Indian Student Insurance policy can be purchased by those who are already outside of India by filling an online outside India application to request for approval.

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