TATA AIG Mediclaim Insurance Faqs

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Question What is Wellsurance?
AnswerWellsurance is a Health & Wellness policy offered by Tata AIG. Wellsurance looks beyond Medical Insurance. It has 3 different policies catering to different customer needs. Each Wellsurance policy has Cashless hospitalization and unique wellness benefits.

Question What is the coverage offered by Wellsurance policy?
AnswerWellsurance has the following Individual policies: Wellsurance offers Critical Illness, Hospital Cash, Ambulance & Recovery benefits under a single policy. Along with this each of the individual policies have other benefits. Please refer to the individual product features for details.

Question Is there any waiting period in this policy?
AnswerYes there is a waiting period of 90 days for all sickness related hospitalization. However there is no waiting period for accident related hospitalization.

Question Are there any deductibles in the policy?
AnswerThere is 1 day deductible for Hospital Cash benefit. i.e if the insured is hospitalized for 10 days due to a sickness then we will pay the benefits for 9 days after the 1 day deductible. However there is no deductible for any hospitalization related to accidents.

Question Does Wellsurance cover maternity expenses?
AnswerAny Maternity or related expenses are not covered under Wellsurance policies.

Question What is Convalescence benefit?
AnswerConvalescence benefit means recuperation or recovery benefit which is a fixed lumpsum amount paid to the insured on 5 continuous days of hospitalization.

Question Can I pay additional premium to cover my family and my parents in the same policy?
AnswerYou can choose Wellsurance Family which covers Self, Spouse & 2 children. For your parents you can buy a separate Wellsurance Executive / Family Policy.

Question How can I apply for a Wellsurance policy?
AnswerYou can get more details of the product and buy the insurance policy at TATA AIG medical insurance

Question How can I make the premium payment?
AnswerYou can make premium payment by your Credit Card, debit card or by cheque

Question Will I be covered outside India under this policy?
AnswerWellsurance is a domestic health insurance hence you will be covered for treatment availed in India only. You can check the Overseas Travel Insurance section of our website Overseas travel insurance for details on overseas medical cover.

Question Are pre existing diseases covered under Wellsurance?
AnswerAny pre existing illness will be covered only after continuous coverage of the same policy for 48 months.

Question Can any Wellsurance policy be cancelled during the term of the policy?
AnswerYes the policy can be cancelled at the request of the customer.

Question Will I get a refund if the policy is cancelled?
AnswerRefund under this policy will be available as per the grid.
Cancellation Refund Amount
Up to 14 Days Balance premium post deducting Rs.99/-
Up to 1 month 75 % OF annual Premium
Up to 3 months> 62.5 % OF annual Premium
Up to 4 months 50 % OF annual Premium
Up to 6 months 37.5 % OF annual Premium
Up to 8 months 12.5 % OF annual Premium
Above 8 months NIL

Question What are the value added benefits available in this policy?
AnswerThe following Wellness/value added benefits are available in this policy Question What kind of information will be available on the Health Help Line?
AnswerYou can get help on the following from Health Help line-
  1. Guidance about self-care
  2. Develop healthy living habits
  3. Understand diagnosed conditions
  4. Knowledge about chronic diseases
  5. Prepare questions for doctor visits
Question Which Gyms, Skin Care Centers and Weight Management Centers do you have a tie-up with?
AnswerTATA AIG have tied up with 200+ wellness centers. You can get details at TATA AIG medical insurance

Question Are there any specific diagnostic centers wherein I can go for a health check up?
AnswerTATA AIG have tied up with multiple diagnostic centers for discounted Health Check Up packages. Post purchase of policy you will receive discounted Health Check up Coupons along with our Welcome Kit. Please view the list of these centers at TATA AIG health insurance

Question How can I avail special offers at the diagnostic centers?
AnswerAlong with the Welcome Kit you would receive discounted Health Check up Coupons. Question How can I avail offers and discounts at the wellness centers?
AnswerPlease check the special offers and details of the outlets on our website. You can visit any of the listed outlets with your Cashless Card. On display of the Wellsurance Cashless Card you will be entitled to Wellness offers & discounts.

Question Is there any website where I can get information about these policies?
AnswerYou can visit our website TATA AIG medical insurance for all details on Wellsurance.