Indian cars price list - TATA Cars

Indicative Prices of cars SUVs and MUVs in India. All prices are in Rs lakhs, Ex-showroom Mumbai. As on August 2013.

Model Variant Price
Nano Cx BSIII Rs 1.85 Lakh
Nano Lx BSIII Rs 2.13 Lakh
Nano Std BSIII Rs 1.54 Lakh
Nano Std BSIV Rs 1.56 Lakh
Nano Cx BSIV Rs 1.87 Lakh
Nano Lx BSIV Rs 2.15 Lakh
Nano Diesel Rs 1.50 Lakh

Model Variant Price
Camry A/T Rs 23.45 Lakh
Camry A/T with Moonroof Rs 23.97 Lakh
Camry M/T Rs 21.77 Lakh
Camry M/T with Moonroof Rs 22.29 Lakh

Model Variant Price
Indica V2 DLE BSIII Rs 4.21 Lakh
Indica V2 DLS BSIII Rs 4.43 Lakh
Indica V2 Turbomax DLE BS IV Rs 3.92 Lakh
Indica V2 Turbomax DLS BS IV Rs 4.12 Lakh
Indica V2 eL Rs 4.26 Lakh
Indica V2 eLE Rs 4.71 Lakh
Indica V2 eLX Rs 5.20 Lakh
Indica V2 eLS Rs 4.85 Lakh
Indica V2 DL BSIII Rs 3.76 Lakh
Indica V2 DLX BSIII Rs 4.78 Lakh
Indica V2 Xeta eGL BS IV Rs 3.32 Lakh
Indica V2 Xeta eGLE BS IV Rs 3.60 Lakh
Indica V2 Xeta eGLS BS IV Rs 3.90 Lakh
Indica V2 Xeta eGLX BS IV Rs 4.18 Lakh
Indica V2 Xeta GLS LPG BS IV Rs 4.22 Lakh
Indica V2 Xeta GLE LPG BS IV Rs 4.09 Lakh
Indica Vista Safire GLX Rs 4.72 Lakh
Indica Vista Safire GVX Rs 4.97 Lakh
Indica Vista Safire GLS Rs 4.13 Lakh
Indica Vista Safire 90hp GLX Rs 5.54 Lakh
Indica Vista Safire 90hp GVX Rs 6.01 Lakh
Indica Vista Safire 90hp GZX Rs 6.53 Lakh
Indica Vista Quadrajet LS Rs 5.18 Lakh
Indica Vista Quadrajet LX Rs 5.60 Lakh
Indica Vista Quadrajet VX Rs 5.85 Lakh
Indica Vista Quadrajet ZX Rs 6.53 Lakh
Indica Vista TDI LX Rs 5.18 Lakh
Indica Vista TDI LS Rs 4.65 Lakh

Model Variant Price
Land Cruiser Prado Diesel Rs 60.46 Lakh
Land Cruiser 200 VX Rs 98.20 Lakh


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