National Insurance, TrawellTag Insurance- Claims Procedure

Types of claim and claims documents required:

As a travel policy holder from national insurance, you can avail of these various services anywhere in the world from Coris International.
  1. Hospitalization medical expenses more than 24 hours is cashless after the deductible
  2. Outpatient Medical expenses is reimbursement basis after the deductible
  3. Handling of Medical Evacuation
  4. Handling 0f Repatriation 0f Remains
  5. Loss of Passport Assistance
  6. Baggage Claims Assistance

Coris International (TPA) in Paris
(Jurisdiction: Continental Europe, U.K. & Ireland, Africa & Middle East (incl. Pakistan))
Tel No: 0033 141 612 300      Fax: 0033 143 520 133
Toll Free: From within Europe- 800 4141 4444
Toll Free: From outside Europe- 0033141 612307

Coris International (TPA) in Miami
(Jurisdiction: USA, Canada, Central & South America):
Tel No: 001 305 698 7757/001 305 357 2100      Fax:001 305 698 0176/001 305 827 2701
Toll Free: From within USA- 001 877 536 7264

Heritage-Mumbai (TPA)
(Jurisdiction: South Asia (excl.pakistan), South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand)
Tel: 91-022-66547960/61/65     Fax: 91-022-6654 6812

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Please make sure that you necessarily get the documents mentioned below from the concerned authorities in case you have to file a claim

The following documents are to be produced and it is mandatory in all the cases.
  1. Original bills / vouchers
  2. Claim form to be fully completed
  3. Original Policy
  4. Copy of airline ticket
  5. Copy of Passport

In addition to the above mentioned, each cover requires specific documents for processing of respective claims
  1. Medical Expenses (for reimbursement claims)
    1. Bills / reports / discharge summary must mention name of the person treated, diagnosis, details and dates of medical treatment provided.
    2. All pathology / X-Ray reports, prescriptions and original bills. They must clearly show the medicines prescribed and price and the receipt stamp of the pharmacy.
    3. Letter from family physician confirming all the treatment the patient received in 12 months prior to issue of date of policy (if treatment received as in patient.).

  2. Expenses for Transportation for Medical Reasons:
    1. Medical statement from physician indicating cause of illness and Reason for necessity of the transportation.

  3. Dental Treatment: (up to USD225 per occurrence for dental services for the immediate relief of dental pain only.)
    1. Bills & reports must give details of tooth /teeth treated and treatment performed

  4. Repatriation of Remains:
    1. Official death certificate
    2. Physician's statement for cause of death

  5. Loss of Checked-in-Baggage by international Airlines:
    1. Property Irregularity Report issued by the carrier
    2. Proof of ownership of items valved in excess of US$ 100 purchased prior to the journey, receipt for item lost
    3. A letter from the airline stating that the baggage' is totally lost
      - New purchase, loss of camera, sunglasses, laptop, electronic items not payable

  6. Loss of Passport:
    1. Police Report obtained within 24 hours of becoming aware of the theft
    2. Copy of old & new passports, Embassy report
    3. Receipts for the expenses incurred in obtaining new passport or travel document

  7. Personal Liability / Third party property damage:
    1. Receipts of estimates for repaired or damaged items
    2. Copy / Proof of legal notice received to the insured by the third party
    3. Copy / Proof of judicial decision rendered by a court of law

  8. Personal Accident:
    1. Death Certificate
    2. In case 0f medical reimbursements, bills / medical reports / discharge note must mention hospital/medical bills with doctors prescription (in original) and all pathology reports / medical report form from attending doctors in original.
    3. Assigner's name with relation

  9. Trip Cancellation:
    1. Covering letter from travel agent
    2. Death certificate (in case of death) or discharge summary from the hospital clearly mentioning the admission date and discharge date along with the diagnosis
    3. Original bills along with trip cancellation

  10. Delay of Baggage:
    1. Property Irregularity report issued by the airline
    2. Receipt 0f emergency purchases made during the period 0f delay

  11. Missed Connection:
    1. Airlines letter stating the reason for flight delay
    2. Expenses incurred details with related bills
Insurance company / Claim settling agent have the right to ask for any additional requirement in case of any claim.

Note: * Please read the policy wordings for detailed requirements of documents.
            Additionally, each cover requires specific documents for processing of respective claims
Note: NRI Online Pvt Ltd markets Trawelltag's (Karvat Travel Services Pvt Ltd) various insurance products. However NRI Online Pvt Ltd is not responsible for any claims. Claims are settled directly by the Trawelltag (Karvat Travel Services Pvt Ltd).
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