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Chinese visitors traveling outside their home country can buy insurance plans offered by American insurers and get effective coverage. There are short term, visitor, travel and immigrant plans available for Chinese.

We work with several reputed insurance providers who offer these plans. You can get free quotes from wherever you are and compare plans before buying. Added to this we also provide 24x7 customer support to customers and assist them in understanding coverage details and help them choose best plan.

Chinese International Travel Insurance Services

  • We have wide range of travel insurance plans.
  • 24x7 professional customer support by licensed insurance agents. USA Toll Free Number.
  • Compare engine for travel medical insurance plans from different providers.
  • Purchase plans online, secure transaction, instant coverage.
  • Insurance for visiting parents, new immigrants, J1/J2 visa scholars, students (F1 visa), nanny, expatriates.
  • Complete privacy of insurance subscriber information.
  • View and download medical insurance policy brochure.
  • Before buying travel insurance policy medical test are not required.
  • Plans are underwritten by top American and International insurance companies.
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Compare the benefit options and coverage limits of visitor insurance plans.
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