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It is very important for visitors to get health insurance coverage while they are traveling outside their home country. For US citizens it is most likely that your US domestic insurance plan will not cover you outside US while you are traveling. Similarly for Non US citizens health insurance is very expensive while they are outside their home country.There is a high chance that you might need medical assistance while you are on vacation or on business trips. Whether you travel frequently or do a one time visit, it always a good idea to consider travel health insurance options. This not only will cover you in case of unexpected injury or sickness but also will help you to choose a good provider in an unfamiliar area in Canada.

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Canada's healthcare system

Canada has a social public health care systems and it provides health insurance coverage for all Canadian citizens and permanent residents. It is publicly funded and administered on provincial or territorial basis. Canada health care is subjected to political controversy which question the efficiencies of current system and want to adopt privatization like in US but again it leads to worries of inequalities in health system with only the rich being able to afford health care services. There is no such thing as PPO in Canada like in US. PPO is only US concept.

Importance of Travel Insurance

As you are not eligible to the Medicare or the public health care in Canada, you will have to pay out of pocket for all the medical expenses that you might incur unless you have a travel insurance. You can opt for short term or long term plans as per your needs. You can choose a high deductible or low deductible and you can elect additional benefits with most plans.
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Travel Insurance as a supplement for US citizens

For US citizens who might have eligibility for Medicare in Canada, may not be covered outside of the specific province that issues them the Medicare Card. Medicare in Canada also does not cover prescription drugs, dental care, contact lenses and ambulance services. In these cases, having a travel insurance as a supplement for the Medicare will save you from paying out of pocket for these expenses.
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