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Kannada Language

kannada language
Kannada is the state language of Karnataka, one of the four southern states in India. It is also one of the official languages of the Republic of India. It is written using the Kannada script. Kannada is almost as old as Tamil, the truest of the Dravidian family.

Dravidian language, the official language of the Indian state of Karnataka. It is spoken by more than 33 million people in Karnataka; an additional 11 million Indians may speak it as a second language. The earliest inscriptional records in Kannada are from the 6th century. Kannada script is closely akin to Telugu script in origin. Like other major Dravidian languages, Kannada has a number of regional and social dialects and marked distinctions between formal and informal usage.

History of the Kannada language:

Kannada is a south Indian language spoken in Karnataka state of India.Kannada is originated from the Dravidian Language. Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam are the other South Indian Languages originated from Dravidian Language. Kannada and Telugu have almost the same script. Kannada as a language has undergone modifications since BCs. It can be classified into four types:
  • Purva Halegannada (from the beginning till 10th Century)
  • Halegannada (from 10th Century to 12th Century)
  • Nadugannada (from 12th Century to 15th Century)
  • Hosagannada (from 15th Century)

Kannada Channel:

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English Kannada
I Nanu
He Avanu
She Avalu
You Neenu
Mother Thaayi/amma
Father Appa/thandhe
What is your name? Ninna hesarenu?/ Ninna hesaru yenu?
How are you? Hegiddhiya?/ Neenu heghiddhiya?

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