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Note: People traveling to Australia can purchase the policy for 360 days

Karvat travel services now offers a customized product "Trawelltag Assist" an overseas mediclaim policy from National Insurance. Trawelltag's National Insurance is a comprehensive product which offers overseas travel health insurance for visitors and parents traveling abroad for holiday or visiting their near and dear ones. This national insurance overseas mediclaim insurance covers for medical expenses and non-medical expenses during their stay in overseas. Plan also offers international student insurance for students who have registered in overseas universities. The students are covered for emergency medical expenses under National insurance (Trawelltag assist) student insurance. Visitors going for Asian countries on holidays for a shorter duration can opt for national insurance Asia travel insurance.

Silver plan ($50,000), Gold plan ($250,000) and Platinum plan ($500,000) are the three overseas travel insurance plans marketed by Trawelltag Assist (National Insurance). Similarly National insurance student silver plan ($50,000), National insurance student gold plan ($100,000), National insurance student platinum plan ($250,000) and National insurance titanium plan ($500,000) are available for students going for overseas studies.

Travel Medical Insurance Plans

Overseas Travel Insurance

Travel tag Insurance - Key Features

  • No Medical sublimits up to the age of 60 yrs (comprehensive coverage)
  • Optional Rider benefits which gives flexibility for visitors in choosing the benefits
  • Coverage for Adventurous Sports ( with Optinal add-on benefit 3)
  • Coverage for Kailash Manasarovar ( with Optinal add-on benefit 3)
  • Provides insurance coverage for 1 year for travelers (age 61-70 yrs) going to Australia only

Senior Citizens - Key Features

  • Option of Buying Insurance Online till the age of 90 years without any paper work
  • Buy the policy upto 180 days
  • Optional rider benefits to fit into the needs of the traveler
  • Coverage for Kailash Manasarovar ( with Optinal add-on benefit 3)
  • Up to $500,000 coverage for 71-80 yrs & Up to $250,000 coverage for 81-90 yrs

International Student Insurance

  • Bronze Plan
    • Does not cover for Medical expenses
    • Covers only for Personal Accident
    • Best suitable plan for students who are planning to buy insurance for their universities
    • Eligilble age is 16yrs to 40 yrs

  • Student Insurance Plan
    • Policy covers for ages between 16-40 years
    • Available plan options - $50,000, $100,000, $250,000 and $500,000
    • Covers for Medical Expenses along with other benefits
    • Flexibility of choosing optional rider benefits at a nominal extra cost

Credit /Debit Card Purchase Procedure

This policy can be purchased online from anywhere in the world using a credit card. Our customers purchase National insurance online from USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, UAE and other European countries. For travel to Europe, the Schengen state consulates make it mandatory to purchase Schengen visa insurance for issuing the visa. International as well as Indian credit cards are accepted. Indian Debit cards are also accepted. On completing the online transaction (which involves completing an application and paying using the credit card), the insurance policy will be issued and emailed to the email address provided in the application form. The policy will also be couriered within India on request.

Cheque Payment Purchase Procedure

Insurance customers can also purchase National insurance plan by cheque. The cheque payment facility will be useful for those who do not or cannot use their credit/debit card to buy National insurance policy. If the customers want to clarify more about cheque payment facility they can call us at +91(80) 4110 1026 in India. There will be a travel insurance advisor at your service to assist you to purchase National insurance plan.