Republic at risk

From : Hari Sharma


I express my thanks to the authors for their thoughts even though they are assuming some of the things! The authors hold a high status. To balance the freedom of their thoughts, they should also write/do something about innocent Hindus being killed in J & K and about innocent Hindus being innocently converted into something else. I am also afraid that putting such letters on the internet would only provoke hatred against us. Anything negative that happens in India is considered to be due to Hindus in the outside world even though the reality might be something else. Do people born black in white cultures, poor in rich nations, stressed in free socieities opt for a different religion? To stay as Hindus only if there is good money, job, pension etc. otherwise opt for another religion is irreligious, in my view. It is just like 'buy us or else we will sell ourselves somewhere else'. Is religion a 'deal' or for sale? There are dalits and there is discrimination in every society, even within a family. Only the name is different or it is not verbalized. I hope that my thoughts bring us together and not move us apart. Om Shanti! .

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