Fijian Crisis-Role of the Indian Government

From : Baleshwar Agrawal

June 9, 2000

Dear Sir,

We have received the feature article on Fijian Crisis-Role of the Indian Government circulated by NRIOL.

I have gone through the entire article and it appears that the writer has not checked up the facts. The Indian organisations condemned the take over bid in Fiji on 20th May itself. The Indian Government has also condemned it and demanded restoration of democratically elected Government. The Indian Foreign Minister was asked by the Prime Minister to go to London and persuade Commonwealth to take a strong line on the subject. Eversince then the Government of India spokesman has condemned the take over.

One should keep in mind that the Prime Minister of Fiji and 30 others are being still kept in captivity by George Speight and his supporters. He always threatens to shoot them if the army tries to get them released.

The entire responsibility for this coup rests with the Indian community in Fiji. They did not send their youths in army even after 30 years of their independence. The Fijian Government did not have an intelligence machinery which could give them advance warning. There was no security arrangements at the Parliament inspite of the fact that a big demonstration was planned by an anti Government forces on that day.

With best wishes.

Yours Sincerely, Baleshwar Agrawal

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