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From : Vishal Kumar Singh


The article by R. K. Narayan, MY AMERICA, on the NRI in the US is an excellent piece enunciating the trials and tribulations faced by the same. At the same time, it lends an introspective and thought provoking discussion of what a person faced with such a situation should do.

Being in the shoes of a young professional in the States myself, I have often wondered what course I should take and the results thereof. There is no easy answer to this question. One would like the best of both worlds with opportunities like those available in the States and the family life provided in India. Alas, that is not to be.

Given the situation, it is all but fair that the NRIs located in the States try to cling to whatever form of Indian-ness possible. For this, they "import" temples, priests, customs and Gods to this foriegn land. A better solution would have been heartening for everyone on this side of the pond. Is there any? The question goes abegging.

Personally speaking, I feel that it is a huge loss to give up one's family, home, country and sense of self to come over to a foriegn land. Hence, every NRI's dream of "going back one day". The "one day" never really comes. Days become months, months into years and years into decades and still the same dream. It is really a way of deluding oneself to the thoughts of the Motherland that one has foresaken.

Hope all of us find peace in our hearts for this biggest of lies that wetell ourselves.
- Vishal Kumar Singh

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