Article - Indians and white rule

From : Pawan Jain

Jan. 31, 2000

There are obviously differences between the degrees of success that different individuals achieve under any system. That aside, there does seem to be some correlation between how a population does, and where they live. In my humble opinion, it has nothing to do with whether the administration is white, brown, black, yellow, or green. Rather, most prosperous industrialised countries have a tradition of respecting individual rights and freedoms. Governments in these countries allow hard work and risk-taking to be rewarded, stay out of directly taking part in the business world, and provide a secure, corruption-free, and un-bureaucratic environment in which their citizens work and live.

The point is this. If a government creates the right environment, prosperity generally follows. The reverse is also true. Consider the example of Singapore. A war-ravaged island with no natural resources, now has (arguably) the highest standard of living in the world. On the other hand, Canada (where I live), once was in the same position in the late 60's. Today, after over 30 years of 'progressive' socialist rule and ever-increasing taxes and regulations, our standard of living rates about 22nd., behind even Ireland.

Need I even say anything about the kind of government India has? I think we all know where they stand.

Pawan Jain

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