Arjun Raja Column -- Jan. 20, 2000

From : Vishal Patel

Jan. 28, 2000

I, like several fans of our cricket team( ??? - no team effort though), have been religiously following the progress, or let us say their debacles. It leads us to believe that it is not worth our time or our enthusiasm.

I totally agree with Arjun Raja's point of view. Our team lacks the spirit and the team effort when they play, be it so more against Pakistan. We can recall several games which have been thrown away by our over confident (and highly pampered and over paid players). One example was the shabby effort by our WK in the last game. Appalling!

I would like to propose a new way to boost: and in my opinion the only way to boost our greedy, bank happy players. They get paid per game, irrespective of performance. In addition they make millions with advertising contracts, which is okay, as the sports arena has become the biggest display board all over the world.

Our money minded mongrels should be paid per run scored, per wicket taken, catch caught etc. I am convinced that the zest, the individual effort and the killer spirit will be automatically kindled. In addition, there needs to be stiff thoughts about getting rid of folks who do not deliver.

All over our country millions of rupees worth of manpower hours are lost, just because the selfish eleven are out there, not even bothered about the consequences of the carelessness. Hey, they are getting paid irrespective. Sounds like a Indian Government Organization, doesn't it!!!

Vishal Patel
Fan of the game

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