Arnab Guha Column -- Jan. 26, 2000

From : Anujit Mukhopadhyay

Jan. 28, 2000

The column written by Arnab Guha on Jan.26, 2000 has serious faults in it as far as Kashmir is concerned. The author is highly recommended to study the history of Kashmir a lot more carefully. Sheikh Abdullah, 'Lion of Kashmir', who was an universally accepted voice of Kashmiri people, wanted to stay with India. He had expressed this desire in no uncertain terms, signed agreement with the-then Indian Government, because India is a secular state as opposed to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. How did Mr. Guha ascertain that India is holding on to Kashmir against the will of people there? Did he travel the length-and-breadth of the valley, or does he subscribe to the view of mushrooming 'human-rights-industry' in India? Average Kashmiri villager is a lot better off than villagers in any other part of India. Who is paying for all this, other than GOI? And after all this, why some Kashmiris should support inhuman terrorists? Are they children of some greater gods? We must compell Pakistan to stop its vicious "moral and diplomatic" support towards terrorists, and Kashmir problem will be conclusively solved for ever. And, please do not publish this kind of columns, because they do not bring out the truth about Kashmir whereas the underlying theme of journalism is to bring out the truth.

Thanks and regards,
Anujit K. Mukhopadhyay
Crystal, Minnesota.

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