Feedback - "Indians do better under white rule"

From : Darshee Rajpal

December 30, 1999

What utter rubbish. I have lived all my life abroad.....and am embarrassed reading the opinion of Mr. Aiyer.There are very successful Indians abroad as well as those who are struggling. There are good Indians and not so good Indians...just like in any other nationalities. We have the strengths and the weaknesses.just like any other nationalities.The successful Indians or the successful NRI's are being promoted by Indians themselves, their successes can be printed in any country by any media. We are just like any other human beings with all kinds of human failings.Our success at home or abroad is purely individual.Maybe the Indians abroad had better conditions to work in whereas in India, due to lack of funds, those conditions and equipment's were not available, but now I am sure things are changing. be patient, Mr. AiyerYes, it is true, India was colonized for sometime, and it is not easy to change such a vast country with such complexities..overnight.

- Darshee Rajpal

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