Racism, Indian style

From : Amit Nishar


Our friend, Mr.Chetan Dhruve, is evidently confusing the matter needlessly here. Sonia Gandhi is not being opposed because of her white skin. The BJP is questioning her allegiance to the country based upon the fact that the formative years of her life were spent outside India. Furthermore, she did not even choose to become an Indian citizen, only became one out of necessity because she was married to an Indian citizen who, since he is the scion of India's ruling dynasty, did not take advatage of her citizenship to convert his own status into that of a foreign citizen unlike the large majority of Indians (I admit I'm being sarcastic here)

Furthermore it amuses me to no end that such an article should appear in the NRI magazine. C'mon guys lets look at the NRI's who come to this country and settle down here. Not even one in a million come to this country with the good of this country in mind. Even after NRI's come here they refer to themselves as NRI's, non-resident INDIANS... even so-called citizens. In that sense you would expect that these holier-than-thou types, like our non-resident INDIAN who wrote this "anti-racist" sermon, would have the honesty to admit that even Sonia is an NRI, non-resident ITALIAN in India. Of this there is no doubt.

I hope to God (and I mean this sincerely) that this country, America, never sees the day that an opportunistic NRI desi gets elected as president. He will probably turn this whole country into the U.S. of C United States of Consultants. That is why I think that we should concur with the far-sighted wisdom of the founding fathers of America in imposing that all important restriction in deciding who is fit to become the most powerful person inthis country.
-- Amit Nishar

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