Popular Muslim Girl Baby Names starting with 'N'

Modern Muslim Girl Baby Names dictionary starting with letter 'N' and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique Islamic girl baby names from the holy Quran for alphabet 'N' that are popular across the world.
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Modern Muslim Girl names with meanings - Alphabet 'N'

Na'eemah Joyful
Na'ilah Winner
Naa'irah Bright
Naajidah Courage, Successor, Help
Naasima Leader, Fem of Nasim, Gentle
Naazira Like, Equal, Matching, Observer, Supervisor
Naaz Pride
Naazneen Beautiful
Naba Great news
Nabeeha Intelligent
Nabeelah Noble
Nabiha Honest
Nabijah Ambitious
Nabila Happiness
Nada Generous
Nadeen, Nadia Hope
Nadia First
Nadimah Friend
Nadirah Precious
Nadra Unique
Nadyne Flower
Naeema Blessing
Nafeesa Precious
Nafiah Profit
Nafisa Precious thing, Gem, Princess, Refined, Pure, Exquisite
Nageen Precious stone
Nagheen Pearl
Nagina Diamond
Nahal Small plant
Naheed Honorable
Naheeda Beautiful
Nahida Elevated, Delightful
Nahleejah Cool
Naifah a Generous Woman
Nailah One who succeeds
Naima Powerful
Nain Eye
Naina Eyes
Naja Sucess
Najaf City in Iraq
Najah Success
Najat Security
Najdah Courage
Najihah Victory
Najma A Star
Nakhat Fragrance
Nakia Pure
Nasha Perfume
Nasheed Beautiful
Naseeka A piece of gold
Naseera Helper, Supporter
Nashema Wise
Nashitah Active
Nashmia Garden of flowers
Nasira Glowing Star
Nasreen Wild rose
Nasrin Blue-scented flower
Nasrullah Victory of Allah
Natasha Strong
Nathifa Pure
Naureen Bright Light
Naurus Bird
Nausheen Sweet
Naushin Sweet
Naveda Glad
Navil To be blessed
Nawal Gift
Nawar Flower
Naweed Good news
Nawel Gift
Nayyab Very rare
Nazahah Purity
Nazanin Pretty
Nazariya Rose
Nazeefah Clean
Nazeeha Honest
Nazeeya Optimistic and full of hope, Princess, Queen
Nazia Pride
Nazish Proud
Nazira Onlooker
Nazma Star
Neelam Sapphire
Neeshad Cheerful
Neha Rain
Nejat Freedom
Nelam Precious stone
Nevaeh Angel
Ni'ja Saved one
Nimra Soft
Nina Gracious
Nira Of the Loom
Nishat Happiness
Nisreen Flower
Noorie Light
Noorjahan Light of the world
Nora Light
Norhan Light
Nuha Intelligent
Numa Beautiful
Nura Light
Nurjenna Light of paradise
Nuryn Light
Nusrah Helpful
Nusrat Victory
Nuwayla Winner
Nuzhat Cheerfulness
Nyasia Most beautiful one
Nyla Winner
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