Muslim Girl Baby Names Starting in "F"

We are happy to present our comprehensive list of Muslim Girl Baby Names starting in 'F' in a simple and easy to navigate format. The table below gives a list of popular Muslim names along with its english meanings for a girl baby.

Faaria Pretty
Faatina Captivating
Fadeelah Superiority
Fadila Attractive
Faeezah Leader
Faekah Wise
Faheemah Intelligent
Fahmida Intelligent and Wise
Faiqa Superior
Fairuzah A precious gem
Faiza Gain
Faizah Successful
Fajr Dawn
Fakeehah Cheerful
Fakhirah Elegant
Fakhrun Nisa Glory of the women
Fakihah Fruit
Falak Breeze
Falaknaz Sky
Falaq Break of dawn
Falisha Happiness
Famya Good Fame
Faqirah Name of beautiful woman
Fara Sunset
Farah Joy
Faraza Success
Fareedah Unique precious gem
Fareeha Joyful, Happy
Fareess Life
Farha, Farhana, Farhanah Happiness
Farhat Cheer
Farheen Jubilant
Farhiya Happy
Faria Beautiful
Farida Unique
Fariha Joyous
Farihah Brisk
Farisha Light
Fariza Light
Farkhandah Lucky
Farqad Name of a star
Faryal Angel
Faryat Delightful sunshine
Farzana Intelligent
Fateenah Intelligent
Fathima, Fatima Daughter of Prophet
Fathiya Joy
Fauzia, Fawzia Successful
Fayruz Turquoise
Fazzilet Blessings of Allah
Feerozah A precious stone
Feiyaz Successful
Femida Wise
Firdaus Jannat; Highest garden in paradise
Firdevs Garden in the highest level gana
Firdous Garden
Fiza Wind
Forhana Happy
Fozia Successful
Fudayl Scholar

Please note that we cannot guarantee you the accuracy of the meanings of names listed above. Therefore it is advisable that you verify the meanings with the Imam before keeping a name for your baby.